Stone's Throw Builders -  Changing the Game

Stone's Throw Builders, the architectural and building division of Fredman Design Group, has been designing and constructing quality custom homes, remodels, outdoor spaces, pools and decks, screened porches and more for over twenty-five years in the Harbor Country region of Southwestern Michigan.

The award-winning team is also changing the Midwestern building game by using durable, customizable and efficient shipping containers in conjunction with traditional stick-framing methods to create one-of-a-kind, luxury retreat homes.

The Stone's Throw Builders team of expert architects, designers and builders work collaboratively with clients to ensure that their homes exceed their every expectation. 

About Harbor Country Homes

Harbor Country is home to many Chicago-based residents and a thriving local community as well. The area is known for it's beaches, antiques, local wineries and Greenbush Brewery to name a few highlights. Because of the short drive from Chicago, the vast natural landscape and the welcoming, relaxed vibe of the area's permanent residents, Harbor Country is the ideal retreat from city life.

From classic Michigan cottage styles, to additions on existing homes, to completely custom creations, we can guide clients to their perfect style of home. We also pride ourselves on incorporating natural elements into their homes through architectural detail or window treatments to maximize their Lake Michigan views - regardless, we work with clients to ensure their homes are nurturing and suit their unique lifestyle.

About Container Homes

An estimated 300 million freight containers sit empty at sea ports all over the world at any given time. Recycling shipping containers for home construction is an innovative method to improve sustainability across the board.

Environmentally conscious building practices are more than a trend, they are a viable new direction for home construction and Stone's Throw Builders is on the forefront of the movement in the Midwest.

A 2-bedroom, 2-bath standard luxury home plan begins with three containers. Larger-scale custom container homes use anywhere from six to twelve containers. Homes can be scaled and built very efficiently, depending on a client's needs and typically start around $250/sq. ft. 

The basic structure already exists with the use of containers, unlike typical stick-built frame construction. Containers can be combined in a number of ways to create a unique, and completely custom luxury retreat.


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